Monthly Virtual Gospel & Fellowship Show - The LEKGOTLA Way!

  • 30 Jan 2021 16:11
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    Sam TSIMA (Administrator)

    We are launching a second addition of our popular LEKGOTLA Networks, effective March 2021. It will run parallel to our Professional Management Services (PMS) Networks. This is the monthly virtual get together event hosted by COMETSA Friends & Supporters Club NPO, and COMETSA LEKGOTLA unit via Zoom. It follows The COMETSA PMS LEKGOTLA Way Learning & Development Methodology.

    The objective is to fulfil the expected deliverables of the COMETSA Concept of The "IDEA" in Gospel and Fellowship, which states:





    The event follows the following format:

    Part A (14h00 p.m - 16h00 p.m SAST): The Word/Preaching (Main Lekgotla)

    Part B (16h00 p.m - 18h00 p.m SAST): Breakaways/Discussions (Mini Lekgotla)

    Part C (18h00 p.m - 20h00 p.m SAST): Report Back/Feedback (Main Lekgotla)

    THE BACKGROUND TO LEKGOTLA: The word LEKGOTLA is an African word used to describe a meeting of a traditional court, a council meeting or a public meeting. The meeting is chaired by the King, Chief or Headsman and decisions are arrived at by consensus of all present. The King, Chief or Herdsman who chairs the meeting always understands his role to be that of facilitating dialogue and not offering solutions. So, facilitating the LEKGOTLA honours one of the best conditions for a successful coaching interventions, namely, facilitating conversations and asking pertinent questions rather than offering answers.

    THE MANUAL: The facilitation of the event is guided by The COMETSA PMS LEKGOTLA Way Learning & Development Methodology Facilitation Manual. Each participant is required to acquire this manual and study it thoroughly before attending their first COMETSA Monthly Virtual Gospel & Fellowship Show - The LEKGOTLA Way!

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