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Our Purple colour combined with the COMETSA DISC in Red expresses our Royalty and Energy, our commitment to our Philosophy, namely, The MIND! The JOURNEY! The DESTINY! This version in DISC logo of the organization is highly recommended for outdoor social, business and semi-formal events. It serves both branding and protective function. This version comes in small size, and therefore good for our young ambassadors. Let us dress up our future leaders, inspire and guide them. Dressing up in COMETSA colours is a symbol of identification and association with COMETSA Philosophy, Culture, Values, and Principles.

COMETSA Friends & Supporters Club (Registration No. 046-705-NPO) is a non-profit organization serving the interests of its members, and that of the friends, supporters and stakeholders of COMETSA Development Agencies, and Commercial Enterprises.

COMETSA House, 13 Somer Street, Klopperpark, Isando, 1601, South Africa, callcentre@cometsa-goc.com ; www.cometsafriendsandsupportersclub.wildapricot.org

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