The March 2021 LEKGOTLA on Mentoring

  • 25 Feb 2021 22:23
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    The Internal & External Mentors Network (IEMN) - The LEKGOTLA Way! is a professional get together of the mentorship practitioners, academics, lecturers, facilitators, buyers of mentorship services and related fields organized by COMETSA Conferencing & Events Management (a division of COMETSA GoC International Pty Ltd) on behalf of COMETSA PMS Lekgotla Networks, and COMETSA Friends & Supporters Club NPO.

    The facilitators apply the COMETSA LEKGOTLA Methodology in engaging with the participants. The outcome of the event is the insights into trends in Mentoring, new knowledge, and networking that the participants gain from attending.

    The Internal & External Mentors Network (IEMN) - The LEKGOTLA Way! and the Holistic Human Capital Development Tours Way! by both COMETSA Friends & Supporters Club NPO and COMETSA Radio Worldwide takes place annually in March. It is that time of the year now. 

    This year’s event happens virtually via Zoom. The line -up covers the following: Definition, Basics of Mentoring, Mentoring Objectives, Leadership Development through Mentoring, Types of Mentoring, Mentoring Styles, Mentoring Process, and Mentoring Checklists. 

    “The term mentoring has its roots in Greek mythology. In Homer’s Odyssey, the hero Odysseus entrusts his friend Mentor to look after his son, Telemachus, while he is away at war and prepare him to be king. The word mentor came to mean teacher, educator or role model”.

    During the LEKGOTLA we will look deep into: The Role of the Mentor, Uses for Mentoring, Improving Various Skills Through Executive Mentoring, Mentoring Implementation Expertise (ACF; EMM; APP; GOS; and SCA), Types of Mentoring, Mentoring Styles, Mentoring Process, Four Phases of Mentoring Process (Selection Phase, Negotiation Phase, Work Phase, and Assessment Phase), and Mentoring Checklists(Mentee Encouragement Checklist; and Checklist to Prepare for Mentorship Meetings)

    Post-LEKGOTLA Mentor Practitioner Projects! We would like our members and participants to be thinking about their own volunteer or commercial practical projects that are relevant to the challenges facing our country, South Africa, that could be resolved by Mentoring. 

    Such projects should be located within the following value chain (i.e. the logical transitional stages) of the Holistic Human Capital Development “from cradle to grave”:

    Early Childhood Education → Primary School Education → High School Education → College and University Education → Parental and Guardian Development → Youth Entrepreneurship Development → Youth Leadership Development → Employment Readiness → Work-Integrated Learning → Studies Readiness and Career Choice → Career Management and Corporate Life → Technical, Administrative, Specialisation and Functional → Management and Leadership Development → Retired Professionals Continuous Development → Professional Relationship Management → Celebrity Life Status → Professional and Entrepreneurship Development → Community and Citizenship Development!

    We will be looking at the factors that must be considered at each of the transitional stages of the value chain. 

    RSVP: Go to EVENTS on this website and reserve your seat online.

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