Benefits of Corporate and Individual Membership

  • 12 Jan 2021 00:32
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    Like all other membership based organizations COMETSA Friends & Supporters Club NPO exists for its members. You may find more about the organization at www.CometsaFriendsAndSupportersClub.WildApricot.Org , including applying for either corporate or individual membership online. We would love to welcome you as our new member (individual or corporate). 

    We support the COMETSA Principles as per attached card: Win-Win Approach, Holistic Mindset, Competence Development, Accountability Demand, Ethical Inclusive Practice, and Progressive Transformation. As a sister organization of COMETSA GoC International (Pty) Ltd, we are able to offer substantial corporate and individual membership benefits. One of the most outstanding benefits for both our corporate and individual members is our digital and online platforms that make it easy to interact with the office and each other. The members also qualify for 20% discount on the services, solutions and products bought online, at COMETSA Online Shop, , from the following Collections (i.e. Categories): Professional Coaching, Advisory Services, Holistic Development Mentorship Programmes, Sport & Recreation Management, The LEKGOTLA Way Networks, and Internet Radio DJs Training.

    The list of Corporate Membership Benefits: Access to Youth Talent Pool, Development Projects Identification, Creation of Employment Brand, Corporate Brand Positioning, Realization of Corporate Social Investment Objectives, Creation of Globally Oriented Culture, Access To International Development Programmes, Development of Future Leadership, Awareness and Valuing of Cultural Diversity, Individual and Organizational Capacity Building, Positive Legacy Development, Openness to Continuous Professional Development and Learning, Development of Service Excellence, and Ability to Adapt to New and Changing Environment.

    We will discuss the above Corporate Membership Benefits in detail in the subsequent postings. 

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COMETSA Friends & Supporters Club (Registration No. 046-705-NPO) is a non-profit organization serving the interests of its members, and that of the friends, supporters and stakeholders of COMETSA Development Agencies, and Commercial Enterprises.

COMETSA House, 13 Somer Street, Klopperpark, Isando, 1601, South Africa, ;

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