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5 Mar 2020 19:14 | Anonymous

Dear Member,

It gives me a great pleasure to welcome you as a member of COMETSA Friends & Supporters Club NPO, a non-profit making organization serving the interests of its members, and those of the friends and stakeholders of COMETSA Development Agencies, and Commercial Enterprises.

Our Vision is to provide development and social life opportunities for the members, friends and supporters by organizing networking functions, events, special offers, and development programmes.

Your membership gives you access to COMETSA Programmes, Events and Business Activities, our monthly LEKGOTLA. It is also a prerequisite to becoming our Associate Business Consultant, Executive Coach, Mentor, Facilitator, Business Advisor, and Public Speaker.

Our Corporate Members are guaranteed access to a pool of young talent, graduates and specialists like coaches, mentors, business advisors, consultants, project managers, facilitators, professional public speakers, and volunteers, whereas our Individual members are introduced to our corporate members and all other stakeholders, and exposed to continuous development programmes on a monthly basis - The Lekgotla Way, etc.

Note: It does not matter where our members and/or their companies/organizations are in the world, as members they are always engaged and supported. We have gone digital, stream and podcast all our events live on Periscope, Twitter, Facebook, and on COMETSA Professional Conversations (CPC) podcast on Spreaker, and Anchor. The episodes are distributed on the following platforms: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Deezer, Podchaser, iHeartRadio, Castbox, Podcast Addict, Breaker, Overcast, Pocketcasts, RadioPublic, Stitcher, and more will be added. It is the 4th Industrial Revolution Era (4IR). One is left behind by choice.

Please share this good news with your friends, family members, colleagues, neighbours, schoolmates, and any other person who are keen on joining us to build societies and our world. They need the kind of development programmes, networking and business opportunities COMETSA is making available to its members, friends, and supporters.

Online membership application can be done at www.CometsaFriendsAndSupportersClub.WildApricot.Org ; click on JOIN US icon and follow the easy guidelines (steps). If the link does not take you to the portal, write to us at callcentre@cometsa-goc.com for the link to be emailed to you.

Our annual individual and corporate membership fees are truly affordable (Individual Membership Fee = R150.00 per Year; and Corporate Membership Fee = R5,500.00 per Year)

There are few points I would like to share with you to make your membership worthwhile;

1. Validity of your membership: - your membership is valid for a year, from the date of activation.

2. Membership renewal: - A month before the anniversary of your membership our membership portal will automatically generate a renewal invoice, and follow up with reminders. If your membership is not renewed before or on the due date, the system will automatically give you a month within which you can still renew the membership. If after a month you still have not renewed the membership the system will lapse your membership, and archived your records. That means your membership would have ceased to exist. You would have to reapply for your membership. We encourage you to please not allow your membership to lapse as this will produce negative record for you.

3. Membership portal: - we run a membership portal on Wild Apricot, which you can access at www.CometsaFriendsAndSupportersClub.WildApricot.Org , We encourage you to login, using your email address we have registered you with, and the password you would have received when we activated your membership. If you have not received it or you misplaced it, write to us at callcentre@cometsa-goc.com requesting membership reset. The administrators will help you.

4. Allocation to groups: - when your membership is activated we allocate you to your Province of residence, and South Africa members groups. If you are an approved associate of COMETSA GoC International (Pty) Ltd, you will also be allocated to your business area of specialization, e.g. Coach, Mentor, Advisor, Facilitator, Public Speaker, Consultant, etc. These are the groups you belong to and you will receive group specific communication, including projects and programmes in which your expertise may be required.

5. Membership categories: - we have three categories of membership; (i) Individual Membership, (ii) Corporate Membership; (iii) Pro-Bono (Director) Membership - which reserved for the volunteer(s) members of the Boards of Directors of COMETSA Development Agencies (Non-Profit Companies)

6. The organization you are a member of: - The organization for which you are a member of is COMETSA Friends & Supporters Club NPO, which is a sister company of the other COMETSA companies, independently registered with the South African national department of Social Development, and therefore governed by the department’s policies and acts. It is independent from other COMETSA companies and produces its own Annual Financial Reports. It however benefits from administrative support by the Shared Services Management Division at COMETSA GoC International (Pty) Ltd. It frequently receives funding from COMETSA GoC Development Foundation NPC whose business objective is to give financial support to all COMETSA Development Agencies.

8. Participation at COMETSA Events: - not all the events, activities, projects and programmes are organized by COMETSA Friends & Supporters Club NPO. However, the members are always given either free entry or preferential rates to the non-members. It is therefore beneficial to keep your membership status intact.

9. Members Mobile App: - we encourage you to download the Wild Apricot (for Members) App from App Store or Google Play Store and login with your email address and password. This will keep you connected with us and other members on the go.

10. Membership support: - should you need any assistance with your membership, contact COMETSA Shared Services Management Division at callcentre@cometsa-goc.com ; cell. +27 (0) 72 376 7503

Heads Up: The next event is our monthly COMETSA Development Summit 2020 - The LEKGOTLA Way! on Saturday, the 28th March 2020 at aha Kopanong Hotel & Conference Centre, City of Ekurhuleni, Gauteng Province, South Africa. You can book online at www.Cometsa-GoC.com/Events and click on the calendar (28/03/2020); the link will also prompt you to pay online using various methods like credit card or eft. Alternatively you can RSVP directly with the COMETSA Office at callcentre@cometsa-goc.com or cell. +27 (0) 72 376 7503

I wish you a great year and happy membership at COMETSA Friends & Supporters Club NPO



COMETSA Friends & Supporters Club (Registration No. 046-705-NPO) is a non-profit organization serving the interests of its members, and that of the friends, supporters and stakeholders of COMETSA Development Agencies, and Commercial Enterprises.

COMETSA House, 13 Somer Street, Klopperpark, Isando, 1601, South Africa, callcentre@cometsa-goc.com ; www.cometsafriendsandsupportersclub.wildapricot.org

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